Dry Eye Treatment Fruitland Park

Have you been experiencing red, itchy or burning eyes?

If so, you may experiencing dry eye or Dry Eye Syndrome. Ram Eye Care offers dry eye treatment in Fruitland Park, Florida. Your vision is something you should not take for granted and finding the right eye care doctor is important. Ram Eye Care and Retina Center has been offering treatment for dry eye, or Dry Eye Syndrome as well as an array of eye care and retina services to families in Lake County Florida since 1997. We offer complete comprehensive eye exams for the whole family, including pediatric eye exams. At Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, Saving your Site is Our Passion, which is why we utilize premier state of the art equipment to diagnose and treat your conditions.

Dry Eye Treatment Fruitland Park

Is dry eye disease common?

Dry eye is a very common condition for older adults and is a result of their eyes inability to create enough tears or for the eye to drain properly.

Learn More About Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eye is a common eye condition that affects millions of people. Dry Eye, or Dry Eye Syndrome, (DES), is most prevalent in older people and is a normal part of the aging process. While the condition is typically due to aging, exposure to environmental irritants, an injury to the eye, and other health issues such as diabetes, thyroid deficiencies, autoimmune disorders such as Sjogren’s Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Bell’s Palsy, Myasthenia Gravis and HIV can also bring on the condition.

Dry eye is as its name implies, is the eye’s inability to stay lubricated and to tear correctly. There is even a form of dry eye where the individual experiences excessive tearing due to the pH of their tears being altered. While producing tears, the individual feels as if their eyes are dry and itchy. Depending on the severity of a patient’s dry eye condition, there are a number of common medications that can be used to keep the eye’s properly lubricated such as:

• Antihistamines
• Antidepressants
• Blood Pressure Meds
• Decongestants
• Anti-Anxiety Meds

Major Types of Dry Eye Syndrome

There are two major types of dry eye syndrome:


Evaporative Dry Eye

This version of dry eye syndrome is caused by a condition known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). With this condition, the glands that produce the outer layer of tears fail to function properly, and for this reason the patient’s tears evaporate too quickly.


Aqueous Deficiency

With this version of dry eye syndrome the patient’s tear glands fail to produce enough moisture to properly lubricate the eye, and as a result the eyes  suffer from discomfort.

Learn the Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

While no two patients may have the exact same symptoms, anyone can experience some level of dry eye symptoms. Those however with Dry Eye Syndrome will experience much more severe symptoms including:
• Itchiness
• Blurry Vision
• Excessive Watering
• Burning Sensations
• Redness
• Eye Fatigue
• A feeling of Grittiness in the eye

How Can Dry Eye Syndrome be Properly Treated?

There are any number of proven treatments to correct dry eye syndrome. Dr. Ramchander and his staff at Ram Eye Care and Retina Center offer a wide range of solutions. Depending on your individual circumstances, any or several of the following solutions may work best for you. They include:

• The application of artificial tears
• Lubricating Gels
• Ointments
• Temporary or permanent plugging of the tear ducts
• Examining current medications, the patient is using and altering those medications which may cause dry eye
• Prescription medications such as Restasis for moderate to severe dry eye

A Few Words From Our Customers

First time at RAM will NOT be my last. I cannot say enough great things about RAM Eye Care from all staff to Dr. Ramchander who has such an expertise of the eyes but also exudes a nice personality and professionalism. He truly cares about you and the health of your eyes. Very thorough

Toni D

Why Choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center for Dry Eye Treatment?

Dr. Ramchander and his staff are well versed in the treatment of Dry Eye Syndrome. You will receive the kind of personal attention from Dr. Ramchander and his staff so that you completely understand the degree of your condition and the methods with which to successfully treat your dry eye.
If you are experiencing eye discomfort, it’s important that you see a trained eye professional to properly diagnose and treat your symptoms. This starts with a comprehensive eye exam by Dr. Ramchander to determine the state and stage of your condition. Call or contact Ram Eye Care and Retina Center today, at either of our convenient locations in The Villages or Leesburg, to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ramchander.

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