Glaucoma Treatment

Have you Experienced Sudden Blurred Vision?

If so, you may be experiencing signs of Glaucoma.  Glaucoma tends to run in families.  If your parents or grandparents had glaucoma, you may be more likely to experience symptoms as you get older.  Ram Eye Care and Retina Center has been offering glaucoma treatment as well as an array of eye care and retina services to families in Lake County Florida since 1997.  We offer complete comprehensive eye exams for the whole family, including pediatric eye exams.  At Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, Saving your Site is Our Passion, which is why we utilize premier state of the art equipment to diagnose and treat your conditions. If you are experiencing blurred vision, or your eyes look hazy, don’t ignore these systems.  Call or contact Ram Eye Care to schedule a consultation and examination.

glaucoma treatment

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a leading cause of vision loss. There are several types of glaucoma diseases but they all can result in damage to the nerve fibers within the optic nerve. The optic nerve connects the back of the eye to your brain. A healthy eye produces a clear liquid called aqueous humor. This clear fluid nourishes the eye by bringing nutrients to the eyes cornea and lens. In a healthy eye this fluid cycles through the eyes drainage canal and cycles completely through the canal about every 100 minutes. For patients with glaucoma the aqueous humor fluid doesn’t properly exit or cycle through the eyes drainage canal fast enough. Imagine a running faucet in a sink where there is blockage in the drain. Eventually this creates a build up or backlog. When the eyes drain canal can’t cycle this fluid at a fast-enough rate, pressure builds up resulting in damage to the blood vessels and the optic nerve. In time this build up of fluid pressing against the sensitive fibers at the back of the eye destroys irreplaceable nerves that are vital for healthy vision. Damages optic nerve fibers will then often result in lost peripheral vision.

Can glaucoma be stopped?

Glaucoma cannot be cured, but you can stop it from progressing. It usually develops slowly and can take 15 years for untreated early-onset glaucoma to develop into blindness.

Conditions that May Increase the Risk of Glaucoma and Treatment Options

As with many diseases, the key to prevention is early detection. Scheduling annual, fully dilated eye exams can uncover the disease prior to the patient experiencing any symptoms. Once vision loss has occurred however, it cannot be restored. That’s why early detection is so vital to preserving the state of a patient’s vision. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options that can stop glaucoma’s progression and prevent additional damage to your vision. If you are over 40, have a history of glaucoma in your family, are of Hispanic or African heritage, already are experiencing higher eye pressure, are far or near sighted, have had an injury to an eye, have a thin optic nerve, are diabetic, experience migraines, or have poor blood circulation, you are more susceptible to contracting glaucoma

Treatment Options


Eye medications can reduce the level of aqueous humor being made in the eye


Medications to improve the flow of aqueous humor through the eyes drainage system


Laser Procedures may be required for more advanced cases


Surgery may be the last option required depending on the advancement of the disease

What are the Different Types of Glaucoma


Angle Closure Glaucoma

This form of glaucoma is sometimes referred to as “closed-angle” or “narrow-angle” glaucoma. This form is far more rare, affecting about 10% of glaucoma patients. While much rarer, this form of glaucoma has a much more rapid onset. This occurs when the drainage angle is narrowed or blocked due to the iris protruding forward. Similar to open-angle glaucoma, the aqueous fluid is prevented from reaching the trabecular meshwork. This causes a rapid increase of pressure on the eye. With Angle-Closure Glaucoma, this can progress rapidly with much more sever symptoms. Fortunately, with prompt attention and treatment, angle-closure glaucoma can be effectively treated. Symptoms may include:

• Sudden blurred vision
• Reddening of the Eye
• The patient may see rainbow colored rings or halos around lights
• Headaches
• Nausea that may lead to vomiting accompanied by severe eye pain
• The onset of visual disturbances, often in low light conditions


Open Angle Glaucoma

By far the most common form of glaucoma, this version accounts for up to 90% of all instances. When the drainage channels, also referred to as the trabecular meshwork become partially blocked, the aqueous humor fluid is drained from the eye and cycles at too slow a rate. This form of glaucoma can be very slow to develop so patients may not be aware of its slow onset. Often symptoms may not reveal themselves until the disease has progressed. Some common symptoms are:

  • A gradual loss of the patient’s peripheral vision, often in both eyes
  • In very advanced stages the patient will experience tunnel vision

A Few Words From Our Customers

Dr. Ramchander has got to be one of the best eye doctors in Florida by far! He diagnosed me with macular degeneration and has been able to return my vision to nearly perfect in both eyes. I continue to be monitored on a 3 mo. basis and I’m absolutely confident in his abilities and extremely happy with his care. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Richard B.

Why Choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center to Treat Your Glaucoma?

Once vision loss has occurred it can’t be restored, but future vision loss can be prevented with detection and treatment. Once you have been diagnosed with glaucoma it’s imperative that you manage this disease with your doctor. This will be a lifelong process and requires regular examinations, every 3 to 6 months. It’s important to schedule these regular visits as you may not experience symptoms and only your doctor can determine the state of the disease. Dr. Ramchander and his staff are ready to provide a level of personal care that you will find unique and refreshing. At Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, we take a personal approach to every patient’s condition, and you will be completely informed throughout your treatment. Call or contact Ram Eye Eye Care and Retina Center today, at either of our convenient locations in The Villages or Leesburg, to schedule your appointment with Dr. Ramchander.

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