Retinal Tears and Detachments Lady Lake

Do you have a blind spot or blurred vision?

If you have blurred vision or it feels like a curtain has closed over your eye, don’t wait to seek treatment! Schedule your exam for retinal tears and detachments in Lady Lake with Dr Ramchander today.  This condition is a medical emergency! Ram Eye Care and Retina Center has specialized in the treatment of retinal tears and detachments since 1997. We utilize premier state of the art equipment to diagnose and treat your condition. Saving your sight is our passion!

Retinal Tears and Detachments Lady Lake

What happens when a retinal detachment is ignored and not treated?

If a retinal detachment is ignored and not treated, then more of the retina can detach. This can have very detrimental consequences and increases the risk of permanent vision degradation or blindness.

What are Retinal Tears and Detachments?

The retina is the area that lines the back of your eye. The function of the retina is to translate images seen and transmit them to the brain for visual identification. When the retina tears or moves away from the eye wall, a retinal detachment occurs.
If you are experiencing any retinal detachment symptoms, contact Ram Eye Care and Retina Center immediately! Symptoms can include:
• Blurred Vision
• Pain in the Eyes
• Seeing Flashes Accompanied by Floaters
• Seeing Numerous Floaters
• Seeing Sparks or Light Flashes
• Swift Decrease in Vision or Tunnel Vision
• The Manifestation of a Curtain over the Field of Vision
• Your Vision is Wavy or Watery

Are You at Risk for Retinal Detachments?

Retinal detachments are more prevalent with adults 40 years of age or older, although can occur at any age. The risk for developing retinal detachment increases with the following conditions:
• Family History of Retinal Detachment
• Nearsightedness
• People that have had cataract, glaucoma or Eye Surgery
• People that have Suffered Severe Eye Injury
• People that have had Retinal Detachment in the Other Eye
• Those that have Diabetes or other Eye Disorders


How are Retinal Tears and Detachment Treated?

At Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, we utilize state of the art diagnostic instruments as well as a physical examination to determine the type and extent of the damage and develop a personalized, prompt and effective treatment plan. There are various methods to treat a retinal detachment. In most cases, surgery is required to repair the detachment. Surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis, enabling patients to go home the same day. Most surgeries are successful, although in some instances a recurrent retinal detachment may develop requiring a second surgical procedure.

A Few Words From Our Customers

First time at RAM will NOT be my last. I cannot say enough great things about RAM Eye Care from all staff to Dr. Ramchander who has such an expertise of the eyes but also exudes a nice personality and professionalism. He truly cares about you and the health of your eyes. Very thorough

Toni D

Why Choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center

For over 20 years, Ram Eye Care and Retina Center has provided unprecedented retinal care with compassion and superior customer service. Utilizing state of the art diagnostic methods, Dr. Ramchander, M.D. provides patients and their families with a thorough understanding of the nature of their retinal detachment and all possible treatment options. When you choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, you can expect a knowledgeable and professional team in a caring environment. Dr. Ramchander, M.D. and his team understand the anxiety, stress and depression associated with retinal detachment, and treat every patient with the care and concern they deserve. If you or a family member feel you have a retinal problem, call our office to schedule an appointment at either of our convenient locations in The Villages or Leesburg.

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