Eye Floaters and Flashes Umatilla

Are you seeing black specs or flashing lights?

Ram Eye Care offers help in dealing with eye floaters and flashes in Umatilla and the surrounding area.  If you are seeing black specs or flashing lights, you may have floaters or flashes. Floaters and flashes can be annoying and frightening, however, if the retina is not injured, both conditions are harmless. Ram Eye Care and Retina Center has specialized in the treatment of eye disorders since 1997. We utilize premier state of the art equipment to diagnose and treat your condition. Saving your sight is our passion! So, if you are concerened about floaters and flashes in Umatilla, call or contact us today to schedule yoru appointment.

Are eye floaters and flashes harmful?

Eye floaters are not harmful in most instances.  When they are accompanied by eye flashes it could be a warning sign of retinal detachment that can have serious consequences.  In these cases, you should consult your eye doctor.

eye floaters and flashes Umatilla

What are floaters and flashes?

Eye floaters are small specks, cobwebs or dark shadows moving in your field of vision. Often, they are visible when viewing a plain white background. What you see is a shadow, not the actual floater. As your eye moves, so do floaters. Flashes are flashes of light or what appears to be lightening streaks in your field of vision. Many migraine sufferers will experience flashes while suffering from a migraine. Most floaters and flashes are not a problem. Both are a normal consequence of the aging process. In many cases they will break up over time and no longer be bothersome.

Should you schedule an eye examination if you are seeing floaters or flashes?

At Ram Eye Care and Retina Center we recommend that you schedule an appointment immediately to determine if the floaters or flashes are an indication of a more serious retina problem. An eye examination will confirm whether they are harmless or a symptom of a detached or torn retina. If the retina is not impacted, floaters and flashes typically fade over time. If you have a torn or detached retina, immediate medical intervention is needed. A detached retina is a medical emergency. If you are experiencing any retinal detachment symptoms, contact Ram Eye Care and Retina Center immediately! Symptoms can include: • An Increase in the Number of Floaters or Flashes • Blurred Vision • Pain in the Eyes • Seeing Flashes Accompanied by Floaters • Seeing Sparks or Light Flashes • Swift Decrease in Vision or Tunnel Vision • The Manifestation of a Curtain over the Field of Vision • Your Vision is Wavy or Watery

Who is at risk for developing floaters or flashes?

Floaters and flashes are a normal part of the aging process. It is estimated that up to 7 out of 10 adults will experience a floater or flash at some point in their lives. For some patients they are an irritation that dissipates over time, for others they can be devastating and impact their quality of life.

Floaters and flashes are more prevalent with patients who:

• Are Nearsighted
• Are Over the Age of 50
• Have Diabetic Eye Disease
• Have Experienced Previous Eye Trauma
• Have Swelling Inside the Eye
• Have undergone cataract surgery

Floaters and Flashes

Do Floaters and Flashes Require Treatment?

Most floaters and flashes are not problematic and require no medical intervention. However, in the cases stated above, they can be a symptom of a detached or torn retina. Do not take any chances with your vision! Schedule an eye examination with Dr. Ramchander, M.D.

Why choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center

For over 20 years, Ram Eye Care and Retina Center has provided unprecedented care with compassion and superior customer service. Utilizing state of the art diagnostic methods, Dr. Ramchander, M.D. provides patients and their families with a thorough understanding of the nature of their floaters and flashes and all possible treatment options. When you choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, you can expect a knowledgeable and professional team in a caring environment. If you or a family member feel you have a vision problem, call our office to schedule an appointment at either of our convenient locations in The Villages or Leesburg.

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