Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams for the Entire Family

Ram Eye Care and Retina Center understands the importance of eye examinations. Our eye exams include a complete evaluation of all parts of the visual and ocular system. While an eye examination can reveal problems with your visual acuity, they are also able to reveal other conditions you may not be aware of. For instance, such conditions as diabetes, and high blood pressure. In addition, potentially life-threatening things like stroke, cancer, autoimmune conditions and even sexually transmitted disease can be detected through a comprehensive eye exam.

eye exams

What you should bring to your eye exam

It’s important to bring any eyeglasses or contacts that you are currently using. This will aid us in determining if you require a change in our prescription. Also, bring a list of all medications that you currently are taking as well as any insurance information and identification.

What is included in a comprehensive eye exam?

When we do a thorough eye examination, we will evaluate the following:

  • Coordination and function of the eye muscles
  • Peripheral vision
  • The ability for the eyes to focus (Accommodative response)
  • Visual acuity
  • Do you need eyeglasses or contacts?
  • Intraocular pressure
  • Pupillary response
  • Eyelid health & function
  • Is there a presence of ocular disease such as “lazy eye” or diabetic eye disease?
  • Anterior segment of the eye to include your cornea, conjunctiva, iris, and lens

What You Can Expect During Your Eye Examination

In the course of conducting a thorough eye examination, it will be necessary to dilate your eyes. The reason for this is that when your eyes are dilated, we can accurately assess the health of the posterior segment of the eye. And this also includes the retina and the optic nerve. Therefore, we can detect glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetic eye disease.
So, even when your vision is 20/20 you may still have a condition that could lead to a serious issue. We are committed to preventing any condition that could threaten your eyesight. While dilating your eyes will lead to blurriness, you may want to arrange to have a friend or family member drive you home. Dilation usually wears off in 2 to 3 hours and you will return to normal.

A Few Words From Our Customers

Dr. Ram is very compassionate and considerate.

Grace W.

Why Choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center

For over 20 years, Ram Eye Care and Retina Center has provided unprecedented eye care with compassion and superior customer service. When you choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, you can expect a knowledgeable and professional team in a caring environment. So, when you or a family member need a comprehensive eye exam, call or contact our office to schedule an appointment at either of our convenient locations in The Villages or Leesburg.

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