Emergency Eye Treatment Mount Dora

An Eye Emergency Requires Immediate Attention

Ram Eye and Retina Center provides emergency eye treatment to our patients in Mount Dora at our two locations in The Villages and Leesburg.  If you should ever experience trauma to your eyes, don’t ignore it. Waiting to deal with any potential damage to your eyes could lead to severe consequences. You should seek immediate attention from a doctor who can assess the level of damage. No one expects an eye accident, and they can occur for many reasons, and when you least expect it. The sooner you seek treatment, the sooner the severity of the injury can be determined. Should you ever get anything in your eyes like a chemical or a foreign object you should seek immediate help.

Emergency Eye Treatment Mount Dora

What Constitutes an Eye Emergency?

The fact of the matter is that there is no clear definition of what constitutes an emergency. Your eyes are too precious to risk ignoring any occurrence that brings eye discomfort.  If you ever experience any of the following, you should seek immediate help.

  • Sudden double vision
  • Swelling of the eye
  • Any foreign substance in the eye such as a chemical, metal or wood
  • Sudden loss of vision
  • A scratch to the eye
  • You are unable to open your eye
  • Painful or Red Eyes

What NOT to do if You Experience an Eye Trauma

If you have injured you eye, NEVER rub the eye or apply pressure to the eye.  This may only worsen the problem. If you believe you have a foreign object in your eye, NEVER attempt to remove it yourself or allow another person to attempt to remove it. Instead, seek the help of an eye professional immediately.  If after normal business hours you should have someone take you to the nearest hospital emergency room. Ignoring eye trauma and assuming it will go away could lead to permanent eye damage.  The key word is urgency! If you need emergency eye care, call our offices immediately and arrange to be seen as soon as possible.

Emergency Eye Treatment Mount Dora

Why choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center

When you choose Ram Eye Care and Retina Center, you can expect a knowledgeable and professional team in a caring environment. Dr. Ramchander, M.D. and his team understand the anxiety, and stress that comes with eye trauma. We treat every patient with the care and concern they deserve. If you or a family member have experienced an eye emergency call our office at either of our convenient locations in The Villages or Leesburg.


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